A glimpse behind the scenes

Schirm opens its plant gates on “Companies’ Open Day”

“Doors open and drop in!” was the motto of the first “Companies’ Open Day” in Schönebeck in Saxony-Anhalt. 20 firms opened their gates in response to an initiative from the business development department and business council in the town of Schönebeck on 28 September 2019. The aim of the initiative was to give interested visitors from Schönebeck and the surrounding area the opportunity to get to know fields of work and products as well as training and career paths at companies based in the town.

More than 160 visitors paid a flying visit to Schirm and gained an impression of the laboratory and one of the extremely modern production units during one of 15 guided tours in all. By way of introduction, a presentation enabled the interested people to learn more about the development of the company site, the work of the production service provider for the chemical industry and the fields of application of the products that are made. Employees and managers were available to answer questions.

Dr Frauke Richter, the Supply Chain Manager at the Schirm business site in Schönebeck, viewed the outcome positively. “We’re delighted that so many interested visitors came to get a glimpse behind the scenes at Schirm. We had people from every age group. Many young people, children with their parents and even former employees and older people, whose father or mother worked at “Hermania” in the past, as the former production site was known. We were able to talk directly about our extremely wide-ranging training courses with potential trainees and their parents at the work place. That’s rather different from a school or a career exhibition, as you can experience what is being explained “live”, so to speak. People not only asked questions about our range of jobs and training places, but often about work experience places like those for school pupils or those seeking to find their career too.”