Girl power at Schirm

Schoolgirls exchange the classroom for a laboratory and workshop

There are still far too few women in many professions. They are still a minority, particularly in the technical and scientific fields – and Schirm is no exception here either. Girls rarely tend to make use of the relevant training and professional opportunities provided by the chemical services company. The Schirm business sites at Baar-Ebenhausen, Lübeck and Schönebeck took part in the Girls’ Day in Germany again in 2019 to help change this situation in future.

Interested schoolgirls from the region were able to discover more about various professions in the chemicals industry on 28 March; they included chemical technicians, mechatronics experts or industrial mechanics. Eleven girls in all made use of the opportunity this year. They were not only able to gain some theoretical insights into everyday working life. The programme on the day also enabled them to gain some initial practical experience in assembling an engine, manufacturing a metal cube or conducting a small chemical experiment with professional supervision. The girls were able to quickly recognise that technical/scientific careers are not just suitable for men, but for all the sexes.

This was already the seventh time that the two Schirm business sites at Baar-Ebenhausen and Lübeck had been involved in the scheme. The other Schirm sites take part in the Girls’ Day regularly too.

By the way: the whole thing works in reverse too. A Boys’ Day has been held alongside the Girls’ Day since 2011. Two boys discovered more about becoming a chemical laboratory technician at the business site in Schönebeck this year – a job that has mainly attracted women in the past.

Matthias Foraita, Personnel Manager at Schirm, says, “As a chemicals service provider, we have many exciting jobs that you only discover if you look “behind the factory walls”. We enjoy opening our doors to inquisitive young people on Girls’ and Boys’ Day. Perhaps we’ll be able to inspire them to start a training course at Schirm. Regardless of this, all those who are interested can discover more about a training place at the Schirm Group from the local personnel departments without making any commitment.”

Special thanks go to our training managers and trainees and the complete teams at the sites that actively helped shape the “Future Day”.

Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day – “Future Day” for career guidance without stereotypes

The Federal Ministries for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth as well as Education and Research call on associations in the worlds of business, politics and society to jointly hold the Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day every year. Companies, firms and universities all over Germany open their doors to young people on this day of action. The activities are geared towards pupils from grade 5 upwards. The next day of action will take place on 26 March 2020 – and Schirm will definitely be involved again.