“Innovative through Research” quality seal

Schirm is awarded by the German “Stifterverband”

R&D are more than just a couple of letters for Schirm GmbH: the company has now received the “Innovative through Research” seal issued by the German Stifterverband for its involvement in development work. Companies conducting research are honoured for the particular responsibility they assume for the state and society. 

“We’re specifically supporting our customers through our development work and always want to be a few seconds ahead of the latest trends, if possible,” says Dr Hagen Kniep, Head of the Development Department at Schirm. “We’re delighted that we can now provide outward visual proof of this guiding principle at Schirm through the ‘Innovative through Research’ seal.” Schirm will be able to promote itself with this seal during the next few years.  

The Stifterverband is Germany’s largest private business promotion organisation and has been issuing its seal since 2014. Schirm has 17 employees in its development department, eight of them women. They are working to develop new products and procedures or improve existing ones in line with customers’ orders.