Broadening horizons

Schirm becomes involved in the Trainee Academy at Pfaffenhofen

The business support organisation in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, working with cooperation partners, launched a special learning centre for future skilled workers in 2015. The so-called Trainee Academy enables apprentices from small and medium-sized enterprises to work on interdisciplinary topics in workshops. Vocational colleges and training companies do not normally deal with this subject matter – but it can significantly increase the quality of individuals’ training.

Six trainees from the Schirm business site in Baar-Ebenhausen, who work in various departments, attended the Trainee Academy in the Rural District of Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm during the 2018/2019 training year. The workshops are held between October and July, every four to six weeks and always on a Friday. The topics are set every year in conjunction with the companies that are participating in the scheme. Sustainability in companies and everyday life, learning methods and various aspects of data security were some of the central topics considered during the past academic year.  

Katharina Fasold, a trainer for laboratory chemists at Schirm, says, “Participating in the Trainee Academy has been a complete success for our junior employees and for Schirm too. We had the opportunity at the concluding event to once again review the last year with the trainees and with the managers of the companies involved in the scheme and the feedback was entirely positive. The participants were able to pick up new ideas from the workshops and thoroughly enjoyed themselves too.”

The benefits of the Trainee Academy are very clear. The general quality of the training is improved and each trainee has the opportunity of gaining additional qualifications. Exchanging ideas with other training companies is another positive aspect – and continuing to boost individuals’ ability to work in a team. “Thanks to the positive experience gained, Schirm will participate again the year after next when our new trainees start," announces Katharina Fasold.