Support during the corona crisis

Schirm donates disinfectant to local communities

Disinfecting your hands is one of the most effective ways of protecting yourself from being infected by COVID-19. Schirm GmbH has donated disinfectant from its own stocks to support communal facilities in implementing the hygiene measures.

Schirm GmbH has donated 40 large canisters with 200 litres of disinfectant to the town council in Schönebeck. The liquid to disinfect people’s hands is being given to schools, day care centres and the local fire brigade. The mayor, Bert Knoblauch, and the fire brigade equipment manager, Tino Dietze, accepted the donation in person on 15 May 2020 from the branch manager, Dr Wolfram Lüneburg, and the SHE manager, Mario Weis; the containers were then distributed to local facilities.

“Schirm GmbH has set a strong signal in terms of solidarity with the people of Schönebeck (Elbe) by donating the disinfectant at this precarious time.” The mayor, Bert Knoblauch, said, “I really want to thank Schirm for this.“

Dr Wolfgang Lüneburg, the branch manager of Schirm GmbH in Schönebeck, said: “Schirm GmbH produces essential products on behalf of its customers and is guaranteeing the security of supplies in the corona crisis. This applies to the products in the agricultural sector as well as disinfectant. We want to make a contribution and support the communities with our donations.”

The Schirm business site in Baar-Ebenhausen also donated disinfectant for a good purpose: it handed over about 200 litres to the disabled people’s workshop operated by Region 10 GmbH. The workshop manager, Peter Koch, and the head of the cleaning section, Karen Geissler, thanked the site manager, Christian Kargl, symbolically with a candle in a shape of cheese made at the candle workshop in Ingolstadt.
The Schirm business sites in Wolfenbüttel and Lübeck have also donated disinfectant to communal facilities like the fire brigade, nurseries and schools.