Formulation service for liquid, pasty and solid products

From the active ingredient to the quality product –
through various processes and experienced staff

Whether liquid, powdered or granulated, as a production service we formulate herbicides, biocides,  additives for a wide variety of applications, construction chemicals, home and beauty care products, as well as many other chemical products such as adhesives, composites, flame retardants, battery materials, materials protection and animal health products.

Our qualified staff, modern equipment tailored to customer requirements and our quality assurance ensure that your active ingredients leave our plants after being formulated as ready-to-use quality products. 

We consistently maintain neutrality in the production process and do not leave any evidence of our involvement.

Our service portfolio includes numerous forming processes such as spray granulation, pastillation, flaking, compaction, pelletising and extrusion.

Furthermore, the grinding of solid, liquid and pasty substances at low or high temperatures as well as under inert atmosphere belongs to our range of services. Beyond that, we dry or mix your solid and liquid products.

On request, we will also gladly purchase active substances for you as well as developing and optimising formulations.

Our offer package is rounded off by a wide range of packaging services, which are tailored to your specific needs and application.

We can look back on decades of experience in the production of pesticides. Thus, avoiding cross-contamination is a top priority in our work. Dedicated sites and buildings guarantee safe handling of your property, especially in contact with highly active substances.  

Our services

  • Formulating water- and oil-based suspensions, emulsions and dispersions
  • Formulating and milling solid substances (micronisation, wet and dry milling)
  • Manufacturing extruder, Schugi and spray granules
  • Compacting, pelletising, pastillation and drying
  • Coating solid substances
  • Mixing solid and liquid substances
  • Formulating solvent-based, flammable materials (in an explosion-proof atmosphere)
  • Safe processing of highly active substances in dedicated buildings
  • Processing substances that pose a dust explosion hazard (in development)
  • Formulation development

Our equipment

  • Stainless steel, enamel or plastic agitated tanks for liquid-liquid and liquid-solid mixing 
  • Mechanical mills for wet milling 
  • Mechanical mills for dry milling, also in a nitrogen atmosphere
  • Air jet mills: spiral and countercurrent mills
  • Spray dryer, fluid-bed dryer and paddle dryer
  • Units for drying products containing flammable solvents
  • Twin-dome and basket extruders
  • Compacting units
  • Cooling belts
  • Pelletising machines
  • Sieving machines