Suspensions and dispersions for a wide variety of applications

From the active ingredient to the quality product –
through various processes and experienced staff

We will gladly take on the production of suspensions and dispersions for you, as well as the homogenisation of inorganic or polymeric substances. 

In the area of wet milling, we have many years of experience in implementing the most diverse of customer requirements for various areas of application, such as crop protection  , biocidal material protection or technical products.

Further processes such as spray granulation complete our range of services.

We typically produce products that have up to 50% solid content and a particle size of a few micrometres. Using this ultrafine milling, it is possible to evenly disperse products in a medium in which these substances are insoluble, such as water.

Our qualified employees, modern equipment tailored to customer requirements and our quality assurance procedures ensure that your active ingredients leave our facilities after having been formulated as ready-to-use quality products. 

In the interest of our customers we always maintain neutrality in the production process and do not leave any evidence of our company.

On request, we can also take care of the purchase of active ingredients as well as the development and optimisation of formulations.

A wide range of packaging services, specifically tailored to your needs and the application, round off our service portfolio. 

We are able to look back on decades of experience in the production of pesticides. Prevention of cross-contamination, therefore, has top priority for our work. Dedicated sites and buildings guarantee safe handling of your property, also and especially for highly active ingredients.  

Our equipment

  • Pearl mills with a nominal volume of between 80 L and 220 L (Bachofen or Drais/Buhlen)
  • Colloid mills for coarse crushing
  • Storage tanks for main raw materials