Filling and Packaging Services for chemical and industrial products

Whether small fillings or large containers -
we will find a suitable solution for you

When it comes to filling and packaging your products in the correct type and size of packaging, we are available to you as a partner with experience in agrochemicals and fine and special chemicals. 

Regardless of whether it is a solid or liquid substance, with packaging options between 200 milligrams and 500 kilograms for solid substances as well as liquid packaging from 2 millilitres through to complete tankers or rail tank cars, we can meet almost every demand and size request. This also includes special packaging such as water-soluble sheeting or low-melting bags. We compile economic and individually suitable suggested solutions for your purpose.

In our semi-automatic and fully-automatic filling facilities, we handle the filling of toxic or hazardous substances and are also able to carry out filling under explosion-proof conditions or in a nitrogen atmosphere. The prevention of cross-contamination takes top priority for our work and is ensured by our QEHS management system.

In addition to advice on choosing the most modern and most suitable packaging material, our packaging service portfolio also includes the procurement of packaging and labels.

Repackaging services complete our portfolio. In addition to emptying old containers and the corresponding repackaging and labelling, we also organise professional disposal of products and/or packaging.

Our Services

  • Packaging liquids: Tubes, bags, (dosing-chamber) bottles, canisters, drums, IBCs, road tankers, rail tank cars, tank containers
  • Packaging solids: Sachets, (tubular) bags, boxes, cans, (double chamber) bottles, (double chamber) canisters, buckets, sacks, cardboard boxes, drums, Big-Bags
  • Special packaging: water-soluble bags, low-melting bags, Combipacks, bag-in-box packaging
  • Filling under explosion-proof conditions or in a nitrogen atmosphere
  • Creating / procuring labels and packaging
  • Special outer packaging: Special and pendular containers
  • Repackaging: emptying old containers and subsequent repackaging, re-labelling or disposal
  • Labelling of all kinds, including sleeve labelling
  • Implementing your specific track & trace requirements

Our Equipment

  • Various semi-automatic and fully-automatic filling units
  • Labellers for wet glue labels, booklets, self-adhesive labels and sleeves