Different forming processes for free-flowing, low-dust products

From the active ingredient to the quality product –
through various processes and experienced staff

Customers from numerous technical chemistry segments, from life science applications through to product formulation for inorganic materials, have trusted the quality of our granulation service for years. 

We offer a wide range of shaping processes to our customers in order to produce custom-fitted product properties for  their products’ different areas of application. Thus, we can produce dust-free, flowable, abrasion-proof and trickle-proof granulates directly from the liquid, for example, using fluidising bed spray drying. 

Our low-pressure extrusion plants are ideally suited to formulating temperature- and pressure-sensitive substances into defined pellets. 

Flaking creates another pillar in our catalogue of services. Our cooling belt enables the quick and efficient manufacturing of low-dust and dimensionally stable granulates with a homogeneous grain spectrum.

Expertise in the area of pastillation completes our portfolio. Both of the pastillation facilities we operate were built in a customer-dedicated and project-based way. We will also gladly implement your outsourcing project and set up an appropriate facility to your specifications.

Naturally, we also offer you upstream and downstream process steps such as the production of (pre)mixes, sieving and further mechanical processing such as compaction.

Our qualified employees, modern equipment tailored to customer requirements and our quality assurance procedures ensure that your active ingredients leave our facilities after having been formulated as ready-to-use quality products. 

In the interest of our customers we always maintain neutrality in the production process and do not leave any evidence of our company.

On request, we can also take care of the purchase of active ingredients as well as the development and optimisation of formulations. 

A wide range of packaging services, specifically tailored to your needs and the application, round off our service portfolio.

    Our servies

    • Spray granulation
    • Low-pressure extrusion
    • Roll compacting
    • Pelletisation
    • Flaking (from molten masses on a cooling belt)
    • Pastillation (customer-dedicated facilities)