Services alongside the supply chain

Our add-on production services for demanding customers

As a full-service production service provider, we  offer you many upstream and downstream Value-Added Services to facilitate your  operations in the long term. 

This begins with support in regulatory processes such as REACH and procurement management, and leads through formulation development and scale-up of synthetic routes to the brokering of storage and transport solutions and customs clearance.

In this way we offer customised solutions for your production requests.

We have compiled our most important value-added services for you below:

from laboratory development to large-scale production development:

In our state-of-the-art laboratories and process pilot plant, we put both your and our innovative strength on the line. Our process engineers and chemists develop, test and analyse a variety of procedures and products to your specifications. In the process, we work closely with leading research institutes and universities. Our operations are  neutral, and the protection of your intellectual property is a matter of course for us and is guaranteed at all times.

Our services

  • Synthesis process development and optimisation, specialising in: 
    • Alcoholysis, amidation, amination, cyclisation, decarboxylation, hydroxylation, isomerisation, condensation, oxidation, reduction, esterification, and saponification
  • Formulation development: 
    • Dispersions/suspensions (water and oil based), solutions, granulates, powders, microencapsulation 
  • Scale-up from laboratory scale to large-scale production
  • Testing your synthesis specifications on a pilot plant scale
  • optimisation of recipes
  • Active ingredient monitoring and testing new active ingredient sources
  • Storage tests
  • Material and energy balances

The cornerstone of production material procurement:

We want you to be able to concentrate on your core business. Therefore, our experienced and globally networked purchasing department is happy to take over the purchasing of all raw materials and active ingredients necessary for the production. Our lead buyer concept, which covers all locations, ensures a high degree of competence in all purchasing matters and guarantees you economically viable solutions. For your benefit, we are present in all the important purchasing markets.

The procurement of labels and all types of packaging constitutes another pillar of our purchasing department. Of course, this also includes advice on the choice of the most modern and most suitable packaging material.

We gladly support you in implementing sustainability concepts and developing environmentally friendly packaging solutions for you.

Our offer is rounded off by the mediation of storage and transport solutions. In the field of logistics, too, we are in contact with important market suppliers  or have our own warehouses, which are also approved for the storage of hazardous substances.

Our Services

  • Procurement of all types of raw materials and active ingredients according to your specifications
  • Purchasing of labels and packaging materials
  • Advice on modern and economical packaging solutions
  • Customs clearance in the course of procurement, if required

Ensuring all legal requirements are met, compliance support:

The topics of product safety and quality are of course fundamental to all process stages of our services. Therefore, we have established various in-process controls. Laboratories at all locations ensure the agreed product quality around the clock.

In addition, we support you with many additional topics related to product safety - for example, when registering your product according to the REACH regulation. As part of our safety data sheet management, we can provide you with the required safety data sheets according to GHS / CLP at any time. 

We can also act on your behalf in the area of contract analysis. Our competent laboratories offer numerous analysis methods, such as identification of active agents by HPLC and / or GC, infrared spectroscopy and physical-chemical measurements to determine the water content, flash point, melting point, pH values and densities.

Also on the subject of customs, our experts will assist you competently and help you carry out your cross-border deliveries of goods timeously and easily. For example, in accordance with applicable EU law, we are authorised to process your products at our production sites and subsequently export them to third countries without having to pay third-country customs duties. We are well versed about current national and international customs regulations.

We gladly prepare the necessary export documentation for you by means of electronic connection to the relevant customs authorities, thus saving you time-consuming formalities. Our portfolio also includes the examination and production of preferential papers (UZ Form A, EUR1, ATR) in compliance with applicable EU law.

Our compliance portfolio is rounded off by the organisation of professional disposal of product and / or packaging, for example as part of re-assembly orders.

Our Services

  • Support through the REACH registration process 
  • Creating material safety data sheets, according to GHS / CLP
  • Material safety data sheet management
  • Quality control
  • Contract analyses
    • Active ingredient identification using HPLC and/or GC
    • Infrared spectroscopy
    • Particle size distribution using laser diffraction
    • TOC quantitative analyses
    • Sieve analyses
    • Determining water content using the Karl Fischer titration
    • Determining flash points
    • Determining pH values
    • Determining densities
    • Various additional wet-chemical determination methods
  • Customs handling for customer orders
    • Creating the export documentation using electronic links to the relevant customs authorities
    • Checking and creating preference papers (UZ Form A, EUR1, ATR) while taking EU laws into consideration
    • Transporting your goods using internal transportation (unless prohibited or restricted by EU or German Federal law)
    • Organising professional disposal of product residues and packaging