Corporate Philosophy

To be successful as a service provider in the market, we have to be intimately familiar with our customers‘ requirements and needs. Customer satisfaction is the basis of all economic success. 

All business processes must be conducted in accordance with existing political and legal requirements and must be managed so that neither existing nor future generations suffer health or material damage as a result of our economic activity. The sustainability of production ensures the survival of our company.

We have made these principles the benchmark of our processes and anchored them in our mission statement.

For us, the requirements of our stakeholder groups are no mere lip service, but have shaped our canon of values for many years and thus provide orientation for our daily behaviour and actions.

1. Reliability

Safety of the environment, employees and residents is always the highest priority for us.

Therefore, we are committed to preventing work-related injuries and illnesses of our employees by providing safe and healthy working conditions, regular training and targeted professional development.

We also commit ourselves to regularly check the working conditions in the individual specialist and production areas to eliminate dangers and minimise risks to health and safety and to take measures if necessary. It is a further obligation for us to advise our employees and our works council on health protection and to participate in decision-making processes to improve safety and health protection. Through risk assessments, we identify and evaluate possible hazards at the various workplaces and determine the necessary protective measures.

In addition, company doctors commissioned at our German sites help us to promote and maintain the health of our employees. 

We also commit ourselves to protecting the environment and avoiding environmental pollution in the course of our entrepreneurial activity. Neither residents nor employees or future generations are to suffer damage by environmental pollution as a result of our production activities. All applicable environmental laws and regulations as well as internal regulations are strictly adhered to.

Our goal is always a "zero-incident approach": no accidents at work or security incidents should occur at our sites. For this, it is essential for us to investigate possible incidents and, as a result, to take appropriate measures to avoid re-occurrence.

Apart from that, our fundamental approach encompasses resource-conserving production and consistently working on the further development of environmentally friendly use of resources. Waste should be avoided or at least reduced as much as possible. State-of-the-art systems technology and efficient processes should help to reduce energy consumption continuously and permanently. In addition, we regularly provide our employees with information on the careful and effective use of energy and have established an improvement management system that rewards ideas for the efficient use of energy.

We are committed to providing all the resources necessary to achieve the defined strategic and operational energy and sustainability goals.

As part of our energy management system, energy data and information are recorded in order to regularly assess the degree of target achievement, to initiate countermeasures if necessary, and thus to ensure a continuous improvement process.

We stand for high product and service quality - at all levels of our company.

To achieve this, we are committed to complying with all relevant applicable laws and regulations as well as with contracts and agreements concluded with our customers or other stakeholders to thus ensure high process- and product quality.

We always want to provide our customers with products that meet the contractually agreed specifications and are of impeccable quality. For this we have, among other things, established in-process controls, and we ensure product quality and conformity to specification through individually tailored analytics. 

Reliability and on-time delivery are further essential building blocks of our actions. We abide by all the agreements we make and are in regular contact with our customers. We always inform in a timely and transparent manner. 

2. Flexibility and capacity for innovation

Our process engineering experts ensure that our plants, technologies and processes are always state-of-the-art and that they meet market requirements in terms of processes and technology. 

We know that we can only compete if we can offer our customers economically attractive quotations. 

For this it is important to understand the interests and requirements of our customers, as well as to anticipate market developments. Therefore, we regularly ask our customers about opportunities for improvement, visit trade fairs and expand our offer to correspond to requests from new and existing customer groups.

Regular visits of technology fairs, the reading of specialist literature and the cooperation with universities form the basis for us being able to operate at the cutting edge of technology. We establish technological advances promptly in our plants, in order to be able to afford efficient and high-quality production on the current state-of-the-art.

For this purpose we provide financial and human resources to carry out all the maintenance necessary for this purpose, and to make targeted investments. 

Capacities in the synthesis, formulation and packaging services are continuously expanded in order to provide our customers with flexible production windows, even at peak times.

We would like to always supply our customers on time and on demand. However, for certain areas of application, services are sometimes requested on a short-term and situational basis, and also at high density seasonally. In order to be able to serve these demands, sufficient capacities are required to balance the peaks.

In addition, we are pursuing an internationally oriented growth strategy with the aim of supplying new customer groups in the chemical industry or related industries and continuously expanding our product range through new services. For this purpose, we also monitor the development of our (potential) target markets.

We make resources available to carry out targeted investments for the purposes stated.

3. Responsibility

To us, protecting our customers‘ intellectual and material property is fundamental. We do not hold our own product registrations and do not compete on our customers‘ markets. We are consistent in our commitment to the neutrality imperative.

Our responsibility for the know-how and property of our customers begins with the request. For example, within the framework of our capabilities, we review the approval compliance of crop protection applications so as not to support any form of product piracy. For this purpose we work together closely with customers, associations and the authorities.

We handle raw materials and active ingredients provided with care and endeavour to prevent any depreciation or waste. 

Avoiding cross-contamination is a top priority for our work. Dedicated sites and buildings, as well as appropriate cleaning procedures, ensure that product contamination is prevented.

We store finished products with the greatest care in suitable storage areas approved by the respective authorities.

Our quality assurance ensures that only flawless and specification-compliant goods leave our company. We want to avoid any damage to our customers‘ brand image and make sure that that the products we produce do not compare negatively to the same ones produced by the  customers themselves.

Our employees and the neighbourhood can count on us. We take various measures to ensure that our productions run safely and at no risk to the environment and society. The sustainability of our production is always driven by energy and environmental goals.

We have established an integrated QEEHS (Quality, Environment, Energy, Health and Safety) management system at the German sites of our company and are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015, DIN EN ISO 14001: 2015, DIN EN ISO 45001:2018, DIN EN ISO 50001: 2011 as well as DIN EN ISO 22716 (at the Baar-Ebenhausen site). Our subsidiary Schirm USA is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

We commit ourselves to continuous improvement of the QEEHS management system and thus our performance in the respective areas. For this purpose, we have established a performance measurement system that allows us to measure and evaluate our performance and, if necessary, to take countermeasures. The functioning of the management system is regularly audited through internal and external audits. 

4. Integrity

We ensure the legally compliant operation of our plants. All relevant laws and guidelines are consistently adhered to.

In order to ensure legally compliant operation, we have appointed representatives for various theme areas at each site and in central functions. These monitor legal compliance, adapt plants and processes to new legislation and are available as contact persons for authorities, residents, employees and customers.

Our employees' dealings with one another and in contact with others are characterised by respect, honesty, fairness, tolerance and trust. We support and promote an open corporate culture.

All relationships in the workplace should be free from discrimination and harassment. We do not tolerate sexual or physical harassment or bullying of our employees.

The team spirit and team-orientated conduct contribute significantly to our corporate success.

Our managers are aware of their role model function and prove it in the daily work process.

Appropriate management training courses inculcate and consolidate a situationally appropriate leadership style. 

We live an open communication. Regular discussions with positive and negative feedbacks demand and promote cooperation.

Corruption and anti-competitive behaviour violate our moral beliefs and can permanently destroy the reputation of our company. Therefore, we fight all forms of corruption and have adopted our principles in the form of an anti-corruption directive that forms part of the Code of Conduct. 

We have also set up a whistleblower hotline for this purpose, through which violations of our principles can be reported anonymously. 

​​​​​​​Our customers can rest assured at all times that their expertise is safe with us and is only used in the context of the production purpose. ​​​​​​​

Both through our IT service provider and through the actions of our employees, we ensure that all recipes, procedures and other customer data are in safe hands with us. We are eager to conclude a corresponding secrecy agreement with our customers. We do not pass on the know-how of our customers to the outside, but use it exclusively for the successful completion of the production order.